Tips for Living with an Indoor Rabbit

Rabbits make wonderful indoor companions, and the following tips can help you create a successful and enjoyable living arrangement for you and your furry friend. First tip: If you let your rabbit roam free, be prepared to find droppings in odd places before your bunny is litter-box trained.


  • Spay or neuter to help prevent problems with health and behaviour.
  • Careful rabbit-proofing minimizes damage to both home and rabbit.
  • Have patience when litter box training.
  • A proper diet is key to good health.
  • Daily exercise makes for a healthy and happy bunny.
  • Frequent grooming keeps down excess fluff in the house.
  • Knowing your rabbit’s normal behaviour can help detect illness.
  • Regular cleaning is good for both your home and your bunny.
  • Use playtime as a way to build a trusting relationship.

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