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Is your Cat Stressed?

Understanding Cat Stress No one, not even your cat can escape a certain amount of stress in life. In fact, some stress is necessary for survival. If your cat perceives an immediate threat, it’s the acute stress response that triggers the release of hormones responsible for the flight or flight response. The fear from the…
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Cats Purring

A purring cat is not necessarily a happy cat. A cat in great pain, distress or even a female giving birth will purr. A little known fact is that friendly cats that are in pain will purr when approached by people; this suggests that cats purr to show that they are friendly and approachable, ready…
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Cats Eating Grass

Eating grass often occurs when the cat needs to clean out its stomach by vomiting (maybe to get rid of furballs!). If your cat does not have access to grass, house plants or anything similiar will be used by your cat. Vomiting will occur soon after the cat has eaten grass. It has been said…
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