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Mange in Horses

Horses can get various skin problems. Mange is created by little mites on the skin. The stronger the immune system of the horse, the less likely the horse will be to get mange. Use a rinse of Elderflower or try essential oils such as tea tree, neem, lavender or chamomile in a rinse daily until…
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Diarrhoea in Horses

Keep an eye out for the cause of the diarrhoea such as feed that doesn’t suit your horse. Herbs such as marshmallow, slippery elm and chamomile and often used to support a horse with diarrhoea. Other people feed pumpkin or sweet potato to increase the beneficial gut flora. Be sure to replace the salts and…
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Cushings Disease

Cushing’s disease can cause a large variety of symptoms in a horse and each of these can be addressed with herbs after consulting your veterinarian. Chaste tree berry has traditionally been used to support a horse with Cushing”s disease. Minerals are important for every horse. Use a natural mineral supplement such as kelp or bladderwrack.…
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