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Bruise Heels and Soles in Horses

It is important to work out why your horse may have bruised heels. This may just be because you horse is walking over unusually rough ground or it maybe related to the hoof trim. You can soak your horses hoof in Epsom salts with some herbs added such as comfrey or arnica. You can poultice…
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Worms in Horses

It is important to consider paddock maintenance. Herbs that have been used to dispel worm are garlic, wormwood, vinegar, seeds such as pumpkin and pomegranate seeds. It might be useful to have your horse’s manure tested for worms.
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Nosebleeds in Horses

Herbal styptics are used to stem the flow of blood. Yarrow is one of the more popular ones. Make an infusion of yarrow and use as a wash over the area. Other herbs may be used after the bleeding has stopped to support the healing. Yarrow has also been fed internally to help with horses…
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